Flemming Cassee: memories from my first visit to Singapore – all is perfectly organised!

Gardens by the Bay (© FC)

My memories to Singapore go back to probably the first international meeting on nanosafety organized by Nanyang Technological University: International Symposium for Nanosafety: Social, Environmental and Health Impacts, 17-18 November 2014. They demonstrated that Singapore is a very good venue for a scientific meeting with good connections to other countries and the organization was close to perfection. This should be promising for the IPTC 2016 meeting! IPTC is not only about nanotoxicology and it broadens the horizon to Particle and Fibre Toxicology. As editor of the eponymous journal I really encourage you to attend this prestigious meeting.

And… after fruitful scientific sessions is it a pleasure to stroll around Waterfront Promenade or visit some of the excellent museums.

Flemming R. Cassee, Member of the Scientific Committee

Marina Bay Sands at night (© FC)