On Friday 30 September, IPTC 2016 attendees were able to participate in training courses on…


Nanomaterials in the environment and food chain

Trainer: Professor Richard Handy, University of Plymouth, UK (profile) Trainer_Richard-Handy
Contents: The objective of this training is to give participants first an overview of nano- and micro-scaled particles (natural and man-made) with their varieties, structures, chemical classification and uses. We will then look at the environmental chemistry and behaviour of natural particles and engineered nanoparticles. The potential for environmental and occupational exposure will lead to the questions of ADME by inhalation as well as food safety and the uptake of nanomaterials and other particulates across the gut. We will conclude the training with a look at safety evaluation of nanomedicines and particulate materials in medical devices and general considerations for risk management of nanomaterials and how is it different from other particulates.
Date: Friday, 30 September 2016
Duration: Full day


Successful in-vitro testing of particle effects

Trainers: Professor Albert Duschl, University of Salzburg, Austria (profile)

Professor Iseult Lynch, University of Birmingham, UK (profile)

Mun Li Yam, Regional Director AvantiCell AsiaPacific, Malaysia (profile)

Contents: The objective of this training is to give an overview of strategies towards successful in-vitro particle testing. Cell-tests need to be highly reproducible, reliable and have a good predictive potential for positive or negative particle effects, otherwise the results will not be of much use for developing safer materials, or to decide about necessary protective measures. This course will be aimed at young scientists that work in any field for which nanosafety assessment is relevant, e.g. nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanoobjects in life sciences, bio-nano interactions. The lecturers will also address questions of career development in this field and will be available to answer your questions.
Date: Friday, 30 September 2016
Duration: Full day