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Bioavailability\, biopersistence< /span>\, bioprocessing\, biomodification\, and bioclea rance

Chair: Chunying Chen

Room: Breakthrough



Foreword by the session chair


08:40-09:15< /p>

Keynote: Bioavail ability\, biopersistence\, bioprocessing\, biomodification\, and bioclearance

Iseult Lynch\, Sc hool of Geography\, Earth and Environmental Sciences\, University of Birmi ngham\, UK


09:15-09 :30

Predictin g and modeling in vivo nanoparticle biodistribution: Caveats to making in vitro and rodent inter species extrapolations

Jim Riviere\, Nancy Monteiro-Riviere



Deciphering cell-nanoparticle interactions: Focus on nanosafety

Ang ela Ivask\, Meeri Visn apuu\, Pascal Vallotton\, Ezzat R. Marzouk\, Villem Aruoja\, Enzo Lombi\, Nicolas H. Voelcker



In vitro acellular dissolution of mineral fibres

Alessandro Francesco Gualtieri\, Simone Pollastri\, Nicola Bursi Gandolfi\, Magdalena Lassinanti Gualtieri



Safe-by-design of novel inorganic nanomedicines for efficient cancer diagnosis and photothermal therapy in vivo

< span class=SpellE>Mingjing Cao\, Chunying Chen



Nanodiamond< /span> uptake and toxicity induces alterations in nan ochemistry and nanomechanics in 2D and 3D liver models –\; a bio-nano-spectroscopy s tudy

Dipesh Khanal\, Alexey Kondyurin\, Iqbal Ramzan\, Dong Fu\, Wojciech Chrzanowski