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Non-specific effects of particles

Chair: Saji George

Room: Discovery


Foreword by the session chair


Keynote: Non-specific effects of particles< /span>

Gaku Ichihara \, Faculty of Pharmaceu tical Sciences\, Tokyo University of Science\, Japan


Short-term exposure to ultrafine particles and cardiovascular effects a mong vulnerable population in Taipei\, Taiwan

Tsun-Jen Cheng\, Kang-Yun Lee\, Hsiao-Chi C huang\, Ta-Chih Hsiao\, Kai-Jen Chuang


Association of short-term and long-term exposure of particulate matters with inflammatory markers in the general population

Dai-Hua Tsai\, Michael Riediker\, Antoine Berchet< /span>\, Fred Paccaud\, Gerard Waeber\, Peter Vollenweider\, Murielle Bochud< /span>


The effect of size-segregated ambient parti culate matter on allergic airway inflammation in mice

Kuo -Liang Huang\, Szu-Yuan Liu\, Charles Chou\, Tsun-Jen C heng


Do the nano-TiO2 sunscreens preven t oxidative stress caused by UV radiation?

Sergey Zakh arov\, Zdenka Fenclova \, Tomas Navratil\, St epanka Vlckova\, Kamila Syslova\, Vit Petrik \, Petr Kacer\, Daniela Pelclova


Endothelial responses of the alveolar barrier in vitro in a realistic dose-controlled exposure to diese l exhaust particulate matter

Arno C. Gutleb\, Sebastian Klein\, Sylvain Legay\, Jenny Hennen\, Andreas Krein\, Tommaso Serchi\, Sé\;bastien Cambier\, Brunhilde Blö\;meke

 \;< /span>